With a location in 17,000 square feet Techno Feu offers pumper and ladder truck repair and service.

Techno Feu also offers repair service for aerial ladder devices such as magnetic testing and the full painting of the device.

Techno Feu is a service center for HALE and WATEROUS pumps.



Techno Feu has a new interior pumping facility of 3000 square feet, which allows two trucks performance tests at the same time and all year long. This addition allows us to conduct performance testing, make minor or major repairs and ensure the proper operation of the equipment under one roof.

Techno Feu offers complete service for pumper and ladder trucks in accordance with the latest industry and government standards.


Units mobiles

Techno Feu offers the services of mobile units to perform inspections and repairs to your fire station



Techno Feu offers a complete or partial painting service for all kind of fire trucks with a modern vertical suction painting chamber.